This Iconic ‘Star Wars’ Outfit Began as a Rejected Kylo Ren Costume

The Significance of Star Wars Costuming

  • Star Wars is well-known for its distinctive and iconic manufacturing design and costuming, significantly the recognizable Stormtrooper uniforms.
  • Captain Phasma’s chrome outfit with a red-striped cape was initially designed for Kylo Ren however was included within the movies as a consequence of producer Kathleen Kennedy’s insistence.
  • Though Phasma’s character potential was not absolutely realized, there’s a chance of her return sooner or later given the franchise’s tendency to carry again characters.

One of the outstanding features of Star Wars media, no matter crucial reception, is its distinctive manufacturing design and costuming. The aesthetic is immediately recognizable and is synonymous with the Star Wars model. Few costumes are as iconic because the Stormtrooper uniforms, which have left a long-lasting impression on generations.

All through the Star Wars saga, we’ve got witnessed varied iterations of the Stormtrooper design, from the Clone Troopers of the prequel trilogy to the menacing Shock Troopers. The usual white uniforms and equivalent helmets have grow to be synonymous with the franchise, whereas higher-ranking people typically don distinguished black ensembles. Nonetheless, with the discharge of Star Wars: The Power Awakens, a brand new Stormtrooper look was launched, diverging from earlier designs.

Captain Phasma, portrayed by Gwendoline Christie, captivated followers together with her putting look. Clad in a chrome go well with and adorned with a flowing red-striped cape, Phasma’s design resembled that of the Stormtroopers however with notable enhancements. Apparently, this design was initially supposed for Kylo Ren, performed by Adam Driver. Nonetheless, director JJ Abrams deemed it unsuitable for Kylo Ren, but producer Kathleen Kennedy acknowledged its potential and insisted on its inclusion within the last product.