Star Wars’ Notorious/Fan-Favorite Assault of the Clones Diner Proprietor Is Getting His Personal Brief Story

The infamous but exceptionally beloved proprietor of the diner in Star Wars Episode 2: Assault of the Clones is now being featured in his personal charming brief story.

Dexter Jettster, the expert chef working on the American-style diner from the Fifties showcased in Assault of the Clones, will take middle stage in an upcoming Star Wars anthology. From a Sure Level of View: Return of the Jedi consists of 40 tales written by 40 authors in celebration of the fortieth anniversary of the ultimate installment of the Authentic Trilogy.

In a tweet from the official Star Wars Books Twitter account (proven under), the thirty seventh story within the anthology is titled “The Veteran.” This story seemingly focuses on Dexter reflecting on his encounters with Obi-Wan Kenobi and the function he performed in beginning The Clone Wars.

The blurb reads, “Dexter Jettster considered the boy he had met on Lenahra and all that the boy would by no means see,” referring to a younger Obi-Wan. “He considered the warrior the boy had develop into and the struggle that had been misplaced. The struggle Dexter Jettster had helped begin.”

In Assault of the Clones, his involvement is portrayed when Obi-Wan visits Dexter with a poisoned dart he identifies as originating from Kamino. Obi-Wan travels to the planet, encounters the cloners, discovers the clone military, and so forth.

Naturally, this version of From a Sure Level of View accommodates quite a few different intriguing tales. One story of explicit curiosity could clarify how Kylo Ren obtained Darth Vader’s melted helmet.

As reported by Cinema Mix, a narrative known as “The Steadfast Soldier” follows a personality named Enric Pryde who might probably be liable for stealing the Sith Lord’s stays. Pryde, an Imperial soldier confirmed to seem within the Sequel Trilogy, is current on Endor after the destruction of the second Loss of life Star on this story, making it doable for him to take Vader’s helmet earlier than returning.

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